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Our Story

UVA Skills is an initiative of Ubikaa Mind LLP. Ubikaa Mind is a leading organization in Mind Management and Life Skills. 

Self-Empowerment Techniques are taken to a whole new level by upgrading Ancient Practices into a tool to Upgrade your LIFE! UBIKAA's programs are based on Ancient Wisdom blended with Modern Mind Management Techniques. These Programs are built to escalate your performance both personally and professionally with the help of various Mindpower and Breathing Techniques!

Designed with a powerful framework and built by UBIKAA's techniques. This will help you make progress in your quest to reach your highest potential.

Why Learn With us!

Over two decades of experience and expertise in teaching Tech and Mind management life skills helping our participants develop their skills for higher performance, better careers and growth life.

Our Team

Over two decades of experience and expertise in teaching Tech 

Dr. Bhavin Desai 

(Hons. Psychology)

Founder of Ubikaa Mind

Human Memory and Mindpower Expert, Since 1995 working in the education domain.

Dr. Pinky Shah 

Ph.D. Mathematics 

Expert of mathematics, conducting training across the India and other countries too and 19 years of experience. 

Tamanna Nanda

Expert of Memory Techniques

Conducting training program across the India for school, colleges and open public having experience of 15 years.