Shape your future with proper skills and mindset

Presenting UVA Skills, the skills and mindset zone for better future. We teach you the right skills and mind management techniques to be prepared for tomorrow.

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About UVA Skills

UVA Skills is an initiative of Ubikaa Mind LLP, known as Ubikaa’s Value Added Skills. We are having expertise in developing life skills and mind management techniques.

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Choose how would you like to learn and upgrade your skills and master your mindset.

Get Free from Mobile / Social Media Addiction

Step by Step guide to gain self-control and start matured use of technology.

Rs. 999.00 INR

Ubikaa Mindpower Members

Members group for empowerment session. 

Live Sessions.

INR 0.00

Vedic Maths

A great tool to improve logic and reasoning. 

Coming Soon
INR 00.00 

Student Growth Community

Free zone to give very useful information, tips, and training to students.

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